Awaken Your More

Hey there, we see you.

You’re wanting to uncover the more God has for you but you’re not sure how to do that.


Introducing The Awakened Dreamer Group Coaching Program

This program was created for you… The dreamer ready to overcome limiting mindsets, set intentional goals, and form sustainable habits to embrace life no matter what the season.


Don’t just hear it from us…

Learning and growing are crucial to being a better me, so I was curious about what this program could offer me to expand on different areas in my life because I felt I needed to expand on my knowledge in certain areas.  Since finishing the program, I’ve learned to become aware of my negative thoughts. My epiphany definitely had to do with surrendering to grow deeper so that we don’t hold ourselves back from moving forward; I’ve deepened my understanding of surrendering and how crucial it is to continually surrender ALL things to Christ.  I’m also working on how to set goals that work for ME!” - Rosie


How would it feel to…

- have a greater clarity of what God wants you to do

- achieve a deeper relationship with God, as well as yourself

- find peace in your current season

- create intentional goals that you will actually stick to

- grow and expand dormant or baby dreams

- have a small group setting of people committed to encouraging you and supporting you

- have clarity and space to put everything that is in your heart and head on to something tangible that you can see

- chase after what God has for you with confidence

- create sustainable habits that will help you embrace your current season

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Don’t just hear it from us…

“I was in a season of waiting and felt ready for change in some areas, as well as change in my mindset regarding the waiting period.  By joining this program, I was able to get tons of practical exercises and tools to add to my arsenal during this time in my life and for the future! I can finally keep my mindset in check and fill my mind with truths and declarations from the word.  Since completing the program, I now think differently about myself, about the time of life I find myself in, and about the people that surround me and that are being impacted by the way I think and act.” - Denise



Here’s why we do this…

We know what it feels like to

  • be stuck in a waiting season

  • be uncertain of the future

  • be overcome by negative mindsets

  • feel close to burnout

  • feel unsupported

We also know what it feels like to

  • Have a breakthrough from God

  • Achieve a goal with ease

  • Enjoy life despite difficult situations

  • Create a life of purpose

  • Let go of limiting mindsets

We created this program because it’s something we wish we had. It’s something that God laid on our heart to do. It’s something that we are so passionate about!


Don’t just hear it from us…

I was ready to be equipped for the next season I felt I was going into, and I joined this program because I truly believed it would be part of equipping me to gain clarity for the new season I felt was ahead.  Now three months later, I definitely feel that clarity I was looking for and a number of truths I knew in my head are now solidified in my heart! The biggest realisation for me was that the choice was in my hands as to what thoughts I chose to give power and listen to.  Now that I’m equipped with this knowledge, I’m so excited to step into what I know I have to do in this new season! ” - Jac


Now it’s your turn…

  • Overcome limiting mindsets, habits and behaviors

  • Find your seasonal calling and set inspirational goals

  • Discern God’s will and stay encouraged in difficult seasons

The Awakened Dreamer Group Coaching Program

It’s like small group meets book club meets online course meets group mentoring!

What it includes:

  • 12 week program with 6 video lessons and accompanying workbooks

  • Bonus content including ebooks, workbooks, and resources

  • Monthly live trainings and Q&A sessions

  • Private members-only Facebook group


Month 1: Think

Focus: Overcoming limited mindsets, habits and behaviors

Lesson 1: Why can’t I just get it together?

Lesson 2: How can I start making changes and moving forward?


Month 2: Dream

Focus: Finding your seasonal calling and setting inspirational goals

Lesson 3: Do I even have a calling?

Lesson 4: What can I do right now?


Month 3: Sustain

Focus: Discerning God’s will and staying encouraged and motivated in difficult seasons

Lesson 5: How do I know if I’m in God’s will?

Lesson 6: Do I even have what it takes?


Your investment:

$120 Upfront

$45/month for 3 months

Enrollment closes January 28th

Program runs from February 4th-April 22nd

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Don’t just hear it from us…

Abigail and Hannah are the perfect dynamic duo when it comes to getting your life together in alignment with God’s perfect will.  The lessons about mindset were life changing to be able to discern negative and positive thoughts and combat it with the Word of God.  Also, they really gave helpful insight and step-by-step guidance on goal setting that forced me to really sit down and ask what do I really want?  I was then able to set goals and actually achieve them. If you need accountability and guidance on how to go from overwhelm to clarity about achieving those God-sized dreams, I highly recommend the Awakened Dreamer program!” - Brittney


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Hey you, we know investments can be scary. We know moving past your comfort zone can be scary. We know taking the leap can be scary.

However, it can also be rewarding, it can also be life-changing, it can also be life-giving.

You weren’t meant to journey alone, which is why we make this course a priority. We are REALLY involved in the Facebook group and joining you as you go through the course content. Let’s get you inside the program where you get access to content that will take you step by step through the experiences, methods and strategies we have used to encourage many others on their life journey. Cannot wait to see you inside this tight-knit group!

Still unsure? Send us an email or DM and we will happily answer any questions you have!

We know God has more waiting for you, and we want His best for you in each season of life!



Before I joined the program, I felt limited and I was in a season of not knowing how to put my best foot forward. I felt ready for breakthrough and empowerment. I wanted to awaken. I decided to join this program because I liked the idea of a small group of women from all over the world growing and learning together. Since completing the program, I feel supported, understood, listened to, prayed for, and I know that the material and variety in the course strengthened my life at the time I most needed it. Loved the way the knowledge was delivered too! My biggest takeaway is having an overall strategy to line my thinking up with the Word of God and action the dreams and goals in my heart. I’m actually looking forward to the holidays to do the course all over again on my own, and to set out my hopes and dreams for next year, using all the resources and meditating on the Scriptures from each week’s lesson. - Sue


The Awakened Dreamer program was such a good experience. Abigail and Hannah have poured their hearts into this program to make it valuable and relevant to the everyday girl who is searching to dream a little bigger. The weekly content will help you tear down the walls of a negative mindset, encourage you in your dreams, and help you to know that you do have what it takes. - Kelsea


Are you ready to awaken the more God has for you?