Just a reminder: there is joy and growth in trials

In James, it talks about how we should be joyful when we go through trials that test our faith, because when our faith is tested it produces the power for us to endure all things.

I don’t know about you, but the thought that we should find joy when we face difficulties seems crazy. Often I've found myself on a low when things haven’t gone my way, and I haven’t been able to find joy in that place.

But, I’m so grateful that we serve a God who would encourage us to find joy in these circumstances. He purposefully places them in our life so that we could learn something valuable and strengthen our faith.

I encourage you to read James 1 and start to think about the challenges in your life that you could find joy in with a new perspective of what God could be doing.


Prayer for today: Thank you God that you love us so much that you would always be creating a way for us to grow and improve and live the best lives possible. I pray that if living better each day means going through trials that You would fill me up with a continual joy so that I can always see the best in every circumstance. Thank you that you love me and are for me, in your name I pray, Amen.

MaddieSeeking Harvest