Stand up for God’s ways

“Maybe the only way I’ll be accepted is if I drop my morals just to fit in. Even if it means compromising God’s worth for me.”

This saying is sad but often a reality for everyone. No matter how big the compromise being made is. Often in life, we find ourselves in situations where we are so desperate to fit in with the ways of the world that we find ourselves devaluing our morals.

It can be so easy to do, I know because I myself have been in this kind of situation. But I want to encourage you with the challenge of standing up for yourself even when the temptation to fit in comes about. In the bible, it tells us that we are here as God’s vessel to be salt and light. But how are we supposed to be salt and light, and impact on God’s people if we’re compromising God’s way?

When we choose to stand for ourselves and what we believe we set an example and become salt and light. We show others what it’s like to live free.

I want to encourage you as you go into your week, remember what your values in God are. Be strong in them and who you are. We can change our saying from the one above and instead declare over our life…

“There are temptations around me but I choose to follow the way of Jesus. For my worth comes from him and not only I will find freedom in choosing He was, but so will others through the example I set.”


Prayer: God I thank you that you love me and all my worth comes from you and you alone. I pray that you give me the strength to stay true to my values and not compromise them for short-term satisfaction. Help me to be strong and to be salt and light to your people. You’re a good father and I love you. Amen.

MaddieSeeking Harvest