His love never fails

Love.. it’s an interesting word. One used with ease and often. I love chocolate, I love

reading, I love God, I love you….

Love is a more than a nice, feel good, in the moment of emotion, word.

Love is a powerful force. Love is an answer. Love is the sunshine after a storm.

Love comes in many shapes. The universal symbol, the love heart. A flower.

Love also comes in the shape of you. It comes from your words. It comes from your touch.

The pull of love is so strong, it can dominate and overcome pain, fear, anxiety and doubt.

The pull of love is so strong, it can heal, comfort, bring peace.

The pull of love is so strong, it can stand in the circumstance.

The pull of love is so strong, it can lay down all it is.

God’s love is the most powerful love of all.

A love that sent, a love that gave, a love that embraced.

The greatest thing is, that this love, this pure love of Father, never fails.

This pure love never demands, only gives.

This pure love never turns away, only reaches out.

This pure love never forgets, only remembers.


Prayer for today: God I pray that I would always remember what love is

and Who love is. In all I do that I would seek ways to be your love to the

world around me. Amen

Song for today: "Your Love Never Fails", by Jesus Culture.

Questions for today:

- How do I see love?

- What is love to me?

- How can I be love today?

Kerry-leeSeeking Harvest