When you help others, you are blessed

Most people know there is value in helping others, for as the old saying goes, ‘Many hands make light work’, but what I learnt on the YR 4 camp last week, is that helping others indeed helps the helper!

I set out with a group of students and teachers to the tree top challenge at Thunderbird Park. My role was to encourage students from the ground as they took to the high ropes with helmets and harnesses – seemed simple and fun to me. During the walk to the course I helped to calm a few nervous students that were feeling unsure of the height and I reassured them of the safety of the course and the supervisors and that all would be absolutely fine. I also mentioned that they could opt out but it would be great if they could harness their courage and give it a go – well they all did, young champions.

As the last student was harnessed the supervisor from Thunderbird Park looked at me and said, "Your turn". Isn’t it funny how sometimes we think we are giving a pep talk to someone and then it turns out that we have to put that talk into action. So that’s what I did, I found some courage and got on the harness and up and up and up I went.

I helped students during the course and reassured them they could do it when they felt a little scared and this helped me immeasurably as I watched these young students overcoming their fear and achieving a sense of accomplishment, I was so inspired by them all that it just helped to make me feel braver.

Whenever we help someone, somehow in return we ourselves are helped and it does make us a better person.


Prayer for today: Thank you Lord for keeping us safe and helping us to overcome our fear. Amen

SueSeeking Harvest