True worship

“Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, this is your true and proper worship.” - Romans 12:1

My encouragement to you would be to not look at this verse as criteria to meet, but a standard of living. The heart of worship is to seek to know and love God in our own unique way. We should have a desire to do everything within our reach to simply get to know God and form a strong relationship with Him. The focus of worship is to place God first, above all things. As we progress through our days we should want God to be our priority for we know His works are astounding, we should feel compelled to place Him first.

The quality of worship emerges from the heart and its focus. It is very common that worship and music are seen as one. Worship is not music, although music is a beautiful form of offering praise. Worshipping God is a true blessing as we can worship Him in ways that most certainly please Him. For example, if you are a painter, use your paintings to bring God glory, if you are a writer, use your writings to bring Him glory, if you are a film-maker, use your films to bring Him glory, if you are a teacher, use your teaching to bring Him glory. This is your true and proper worship.


Prayer for today: God I pray that you would be glorified in all things, you are so deserving and worthy of all praise, even when we are lacking energy, tired, or restrained, we will still praise and worship you, Amen.

Song for today: as I was writing this I was listening to ‘Even When It Hurts’ by Hillsong United.

Questions for today:

- How have I previously been worshipping?

- Do I have a set time for worship, or is it a spontaneous decision?

- What ways that are unique to me can I worship God?

IsaacSeeking Harvest