Less of Me, more of Him

"He must become greater; I must become less" (John 3:30 NIV). I remember listening to the leader of Hillsong United explain that each time he walked onto the stage, he would see himself as a silhouette rather than an actual person.

He would ask himself, "would you still do what you are doing if people didn't know who you were?" This hit home. As humans, we naturally seek validation from others. Rather than merely doing good things 'just because', we often fall into the trap of doing good things and wanting something in return.

But newsflash ― that's not how Jesus lived. He lived His entire life showing random acts of kindness to everyone He came in contact with. And the most important part? Not once did He stop to consider whether others were taking notice. He did good things, simply because they were good things.

So this is my challenge: let's be silhouettes. In everything that we do, let's stop glorifying ourselves and glorify God. It all comes down to our intention. Less of us and more of Him.


 Prayer for today: Dear God, remind me daily to glorify you above anything else. Amen.

JessSeeking Harvest