He sees you

This week I had to remind myself of something: that I need to live a life to please God and not those around me.

He is the One who has placed the calling and purpose on our lives, so He is the One who will guide us!

God sees the sacrifices... even if no one else does.

God sees your steps of faithfulness... even if people don't recognise it.

God sees your struggles and your desires... even if people don't fully understand them.

Just picture this:

You are running a race. There is a lot of people in the race.

You can hear people shouting out names of those around you to cheer them on.

You can see people around you have a steady stride going and you are internally feeling like you want to stop.

Then you hear this voice...

Someone calls your name...

The voice says "I am proud of you. You are doing so well. All those days of training is proving to have worked. Don't give up now, keep running this race. You have purpose in this race."

Then you hear this huge shout and all these people are cheering your name.

Keep this picture in your mind today, because all of heaven is CHEERING you on!


Song for today: "You know me" by Bethel.

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