The art of repentance

As Christians we tend to shy away from the word "repentance" as we are so used to the good naturedness of God and His grace and mercies.

We are more than aware that He died for our sins and took the burden of sin and shame on Himself. However, we can often use that as an excuse to keep living in sin and not have to face repentance which we MUST do in order to receive the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Bible clearly states that we should turn from our wicked ways and sin no more, but what does that scripture look like when we keep going back to that same sin or habits that God forbids?


It is a must. In order for us to be forgiven we must demonstrate an art of repentance and see the beauty in being truly forgiven by the Heavenly Father who only wants the best for us. When you know you have done wrong, your heart needs to soften and an apology must be given to receive the fullness of God's forgiveness.

There is no better way to receive forgiveness from God than to be open and honest about your struggles and hardships that make us human. God is listening and waiting for us to repent so we can draw closer to Him. Do not delay. The best days are ahead of you if you start at His feet first.


Prayer for today:

Dear Lord God, Thank You that You are a merciful and gracious God. I repent of all my sins and ask that you forgive me for wrong thoughts and actions. I receive your forgiveness in Jesus name, Amen.

CassSeeking Harvest