As you are

A letter from God to you:

“Dear Child,

Stop distancing yourself from me and trying to make yourself “good enough” before you decide to come back to me.

Come to me just as you are and let me do what only I can.

Stop wasting time running in the endless motion of confusion, heartbreak and striving.

I am not distant and I am not disappointed.

I forgive you and My unconditional love for you has no end.

I will always choose putting the effort into making you new over watching you live in the bondage that crippled you for so long, because when you hurt, I hurt all the more.

Let me show you freedom, real love and full life TODAY.

Breakthrough, restoration and redemption are yours when you dive into my perfect love

and goodness.”


Question for today:

-What is holding me back from experiencing the life and freedom God has for me today?

LauraSeeking Harvest