Is fear of the unknown controlling you?

I used to fear the unknown! Not only did I fear it, I let it control me. The thought of change overtook me and captivated my being. I felt trapped and I couldn’t escape these made up theories running wild inside my head. I needed to have a plan, I needed to know what was next. I needed to know the outcome. I, I, I!

 The other day I read something so beautifully profound in James 4: 13-17. It’s like Jesus reached inside me and plucked away the things that didn’t bring life anymore.  

 Read James 4:13-17

 After reading this passage I got a picture in my head of a roller coaster.

“Life is like a roller coaster, sit back and enjoy the ride”.... We hear people say it all the time. Roller coasters are filled with unexpected wonder, twists, turns, loops and exhilaration. Kind of like our lives, hey?

Last week was filled with an anxiety attack that brought me to an act of surrender like I have never experienced before. “Do what you want God, I am at my very end, have your way”.

After this, I realised what I had been doing. Will Reagan & United Pursuit wrote a song called Let you go. The lyrics in the chorus were the song of my heart.

“Help me let you go, help me give up control, of the God I have made you, when my fear has contained you.”

 It’s so easy to let our fears override our trust in God when things aren’t going the way we planned. It’s easy to box God in and contain Him to what our worldly hearts desire rather than allowing Him to work in His timing and mould us the way He wants us in order to receive an abundance of blessing that He has in store.

Life is wild, it’s crazy, it’s beautiful and a lot of times it makes no sense at all but instead of fearing the unknowns of this journey, choose to trust. Get strapped in, heart beating, hands sweating, completely ready for wherever God takes you next — Knowing that He is not only in control but that He holds out His right hand and is sitting next to you promising that He will never leave you. He knows what lies ahead, He knows when you need rest and He knows when your soul craves adventure to ride it over and over. Stop planning, start controlling your want for knowing and realise that life is like a roller coaster so sit back and enjoy the ride. God’s got you.

 Isaiah 41:10 - So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


Song for today : "Let you go" by Will Reagan & United Pursuit.

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