Run in your own lane

When I finished school and moved to a new place it honestly felt like I had tripped in my own lane and all I could see was people running ahead of me in their lanes.

I wasn’t exactly sure what my next steps were, I lacked the belief that I was enough in God, and I was jealous of all the other things my friends were doing.

This way of living became unhealthy.

 I needed a change. I had to pretend there were no other lanes. It was just me and God. Was I perfect at it the first time? No.

However, the more I practiced thinking this way, the easier it came and the more freedom it gave me.

 I felt comfortable with seasons of rest and realigning myself with Him, I felt filled up enough in seasons of hustle and hard work, I felt joy and peace no matter what was going on around me.

I started to love life again, I was excited for each new day and I learnt all this in a hard season.

Lesson learnt: Stay where He has called you, it’s the safest place to be.


Prayer for today: Dear God, help me appreciate where I am and continue to prepare for where I am going. Amen

HannahSeeking Harvest