Don’t strive, just fall in love

One thing God has been revealing to me recently is that I have been striving for his love.

When I say striving I’m talking about trying to do everything right to be in a place where God can love me. But He reminded me that I’m only human and it’s actually not possible for me to reach a standard acceptable by God because He knows it’s way to far out of my reach.

And instead, we just need to love Him and accept His love.

This reminded me just how beautiful His love is, that it’s a love with no regard. He doesn’t need anything from us but still, He loves us, so we just love Him through our worship, our time and our submitting to Him.

About a week ago I was in a time of worship and started thinking about why I was lifting my hands. And I think I had gotten to a point where I was only worshiping because that’s what you do, not because I was giving praise to God. And I felt God say to me, stop striving for something you can’t get through your own ability, but just allow yourself to accept My love.

And I stood there and started to worship out of love and thankfulness, not because I felt I had to so I could gain brownie points.

Allow God’s love to take over and live a life of worship. Don’t strive, it won’t get you anywhere. Just live and love God.


Prayer for today: Thank you Jesus that you love me and paid the price so that I could live free in your love. Please help me not to strive but just accept your love and worship you. Thank you for all you do in my life. Amen.

Question for today:

- Have a reached a point of striving and going through the motions?

- Do I understand that God loves me regardless and that there is nothing I could do to earn his love?

Song for today: "How deep is the love" by Hillsong young and free.

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