The joy of surrender

I had a weight on my shoulders.

It wasn't anything serious.

It just made the journey difficult.

In it was a collection of things:

My negative thoughts

My unfulfilled promises

My rejections

My failures

My sins...

I had run with this little bag.

Sometimes I'd drop it, but then sometimes I'd pick it back up.

Then I realised:

No matter what comes my way, there is never a moment I'm meant to carry it.

He carries it.

Oh I had forgotten about surrender.

I'd forgotten to give Him my everything.

I'd forgotten the joy of surrender.

I'd forgotten that important swap.

My bag for His.

In His bag is love

In His bag is peace

In His bag is joy

In His bag is clarity

In His bag is a whole lot of goodies.

So here I am,

Surrendering, oh I'll never forget about surrender.


Question for today:

- What are you surrendering?

HannahSeeking Harvest