Stop trying to fly your kite all on your own

I remember seeing a little girl at the park run as fast as she could to gather enough momentum to lift her kite off the ground. Her little legs reached top speed and the kite started to rise. But it didn't take long for her run to turn into a jog, which quickly shifted to a walk and finally, a complete stop.

Meanwhile, the kite was losing all its motivation to stay off the grass. Right before the girl collapsed to the ground exhausted, her brother came to her rescue, collecting the kite in his hands.

He began running with a face full of determination ― clearly showing that he wasn’t giving up anytime soon. The little girl watched smiling and found the energy to get up and run along behind him.

Perhaps life is a lot like this. Challenges will inevitably be thrown your way - chances are, you are facing one right now. Often it feels like flying your kite can become tiring and constantly running to keep it in the air is exhausting. When we lose all momentum and start to fall behind, our kite naturally begins to drop.

The best part is that right before we collapse and feel like we will never get back up again, God comes along and picks up the kite in His hands. He holds onto it and doesn't let go. He runs at full speed, not losing sight of where we need to be - which sometimes is completely different to where we want to be.

While often it feels like we are running this race on our own, God wants us to trust Him and know that He has our back. "Trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world", (John 16:32-33 MSG).


 Prayer for today: Dear God, help me to trust you on my journey. Life can be exhausting and I need your strength to give me momentum to keep running. Amen.

JessSeeking Harvest