Convictions are more powerful than you think

When I was studying life coaching we learnt about how profound values and beliefs are when it comes to living our lives.

For example, if we had the strong belief that we aren’t good enough, then we would act in that way and possibly never live to our God given potential.

I went home that night after our training session and wrote out all the areas of my life and the convictions that I would continue going on. I wanted to share this because maybe it may help you do the same.

Now whenever I come to a decision or a way of thinking or what to do next, I come back to these and use them to guide me.

Business: I will not quit unless God makes it super clear

Finances: I will always tithe the first 10% of anything I make and honour God with the way I spend my money

Relationships: I will speak to people with their future in mind and believe the best about them

Fun: when I’m feeling run down and overwhelmed I will stop and take time out

Faith: I will live with a conviction that nothing is impossible and believe that God has my best interest at heart.


Question for today

-What convictions do you have?

HannahSeeking Harvest