God never leaves us to do anything alone

Just because I get that answered prayer, just because I walk through that open door, just because God shows me a next step… it doesn’t mean it’s easy from now on.

 I’m learning that there are no easy steps in life.

Do I do them alone? No.

Does God help lighten the load? Yes.

Does He give me grace to do what He called? Yes.

But I have to believe in Him each step of the way.

 I remember signing my first client for my virtual assistant business and I was doing happy dances around the house. I was honestly so excited. Then a few days later I sat down for my first day of working on my tasks and balled my eyes out. I sat at the computer for 12 hours with headaches and feeling like such a failure because it was harder than I first thought.

I was so sure this was the miracle God had for me. I was so sure I was meant to do this. I was so sure that this was going to be easy.

In that moment I felt God whisper, “you know that you’re still going to need me for this.”

I was reminded that I don’t just need God to open my doors, I need Him to walk through them with me.

That’s why protecting our faith is so important because we need it every moment of every day.


Song for today: ‘in control’ by Hillsong

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