What I learnt from the story of the woman at the well

Just the other day I was reading the story of the women at the well.  This story is found in John 4, and I would encourage you to read it.

In studying the background of this story, I discovered that the tension between the Jews and the Samaritans is a long standing hatred which dated back many hundred years.  Beyond this, it was deemed that a Jew would be unclean even by touching a Samaritan’s drinking vessel. Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge that Jesus was very vulnerable by being alone with another women.  It is important to acknowledge these aspects in approaching this story.

In short, Jesus demonstrated His love for humanity in the way in which He approached this situation – confronting the women at the well, offering Himself as the answer to her troubles, promising that when she gets the living water in her (God’s spirit) she will never thirst.  Jesus went against all societal norms, made Himself vulnerable, and put His own reputation on the line in doing this.

Here are a few key practical points which spoke to me as I studied this passage:

-Jesus operated out of compassion, not convenience.  Jesus was resting at the time when He met the women at the well, I don’t know about you – but resting is often my ‘off’ time.  Jesus challenges this in His actions, but encouraging us to be always tuned into what God’s heart for humanity is.

-It’s about love, not the circumstances.  Jesus made himself vulnerable in this situation, one on one with a women, His reputation hanging in the balance.  What I love is that Jesus chose to look beyond this, and focus on making the most of the moment which his father has ordained.  He chose to love us, before preserving himself.

-This story tells the whole picture of the gospel, where Jesus puts himself on the line for humanity, despite how it affects the way others see Him.  How cool is it that we serve a God who’s greatest priority is showing love to his children.


Question for today

-Imagine how the world would look if all of us activated the moments which God places in front of us?”

ThomasSeeking Harvest