This fact will change the way you see yourself...

Girls and boys, you are beautiful - made in the image of God.

We live in a world that can so easily revolve around a particular style, something that tells you how you should look or how you should act. These ideas can often leave us thinking that if I don’t fit that criteria then I’m not good enough. Not beautiful enough. Not cool enough.

But friend I am here to tell you that you are made in the image of God. Don’t let anything that the world tells you, that downsizes who you are define you.

Don’t go to the world to find your value because the world won’t give you the worth that God can give you. It’s only the worth that God gives you that can make you feel whole. 

He loves you so much and Psalm 139 tells us how He made us and did it in His image. Remember that first and foremost God loves us. There is
nothing you can do to stop Him from loving us and putting value on you. So when you’re feeling low about yourself don’t turn to what the world tells you to do to feel better about yourself - turn to the all knowing, all loving Father who will restore you and fill you with worth beyond what any criteria could do.

This week I found myself on a down buzz after what someone said to me about my outward appearance that upset me. As small as it was it triggered something that made me feel incompetent to fit the ‘criteria’. But I decided that I wouldn’t let myself go there. Instead, I decided that I would find my worth in God, acknowledging what He says about me above what
one person I barely knew said. And I felt peace about it. I left the situation closer to God.
Don’t let the world tell you who you are or who you need to be to fit their criteria. You’re a child of God, made in his image, loved by him. Take joy in that.


Question for today:
-how am I viewing myself?

MaddieSeeking Harvest