If you grasp this, it will change everything

One morning as I was lying on my bed I wrote in my journal

"Hannah, I love you lots, from Your Heavenly Father." 

As I was moving house and going through all my journal (yea it was a big task, I have a lot haha!), I came across this note again that I had remembered writing. 

I don't think we will ever truly comprehend just how much God loves us, but I know it's a whole lot, more than I can describe in a devotion. 

However when we keep reminding ourselves how much we are loved by God it reminds us that we will never lack because He cares too much about us, we will never be alone because He knows that isn't good for us, we will never be put to shame because if we trust Him, He will work it all together for good. 

Keep reminding yourself today of just how loved you are!


Questions for today:

-How much do I love the person God created me to be?

-Do I value how much God loves me? 

-Do I strive toward earning love from others more than God?

HannahSeeking Harvest