When there is no more

Have you ever knelt in desperation before the throne of Christ and whispered; “Father, there is no more”.  

No more energy, no more strength, no more time, or wisdom.

As a parent, have you ever felt pulled in many different directions there is just nothing more of you to give?  

As a business owner have you felt overwhelmed with tasks and workload that it just feels all too much?  

Perhaps family and friends are placing expectations and demands on you that you feel in this season you just cannot meet?

When Jesus and a few of His disciples were celebrating a wedding in Cana, His Mother Mary rushed over to Him in desperate need and whispered; “Jesus, there is no more wine!”

What I love about this statement was that Mary did not go to the mastery of ceremony, nor did she make it the concern of the wedding host.

No. She made it the concern of Christ.

I can just imagine Mary pulling Christ away and pleading to Him in a tone of desperation.  Maybe she was involved in the wedding preparation. Perhaps she knew that the Master of Ceremony could not afford any more wine.  Or it would have caused a disruption to the wedding to find more wine.

But she knew One that could fill the empty barrels….and not just fill them, but fill them with the finest of wines. (John 2:10)

You see, Christ didn’t have to perform a miracle that day.  

But He did.

He turned that which was empty into an overflow.  Not just an overflow, but the finest of overflows.


Question for today

-what ‘empty barrels’ do I need to bring to God today?