Christ our Saviour

From that moment in life when we chose to make the decision to come to the Lord, we recognise Him as our saviour. It is interesting as we journey through life with Christ on our side, we begin to see Him less as our saviour. I have noticed that I have done this myself, I see Him as a very important person in my life and put all my faith and hope in Him, but I realised that the Saviour I first was acquainted with has not been as prominent in the Jesus I now know. 
I just want to encourage you to see Him as Lord and Saviour of our lives. Jesus is our redeemer and He is alive. My heart breaks knowing the cost He paid for our lives on the cross. Yet I am so excited because I know He rose to life again. I know what He did for us. I know the future He holds for my life, and for your life. I know He desires to spend eternity with you and me. This is the Saviour that reigns in my life. I hope and pray this is a reminder for somebody who is in need of recalling who Jesus is as their Saviour.
Question for today: how do I see Jesus in my life?

IsaacSeeking Harvest