Words matter

Ephesians 4:29 (MSG) reminds us to be careful of the way we speak, as each word should be treated as a gift.
We need to stop taking people for face value. We need to stop being so quick to judge one another. Perhaps people are like houses; the ones with the neat and pretty gardens still have the potential to be a mess inside.
We have the ability to put on a brave face and hide the way we are truly feeling ― the struggle, hurt and pain effortlessly masked with a smile. We are all fighting our own battles and striving to live our life the best we can, but we can't neglect the fact that each journey comes with its own hurdles.
Next time you find yourself criticizing a person's appearance or behaviour, remember what is written in Matthew 7:1 (MSG): "Don't pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults...that critical spirit has a way of boomeranging."
Rather than "playing a holier-than-thou part", we are encouraged to "live our own part" (Matthew 7:4 MSG). We need to be a community that uplift and support one another. A community of empowered men and women have the ability to empower other men and women.
Prayer for today: Dear God, I pray that you can help me to choose empathy every day, so I can recognise that everyone is fighting their own battles. Amen.

JessSeeking Harvest