When your situations don’t make you smile...

How do you smile when your situations aren't making you smile? 

Maybe you didn't have a good day or things didn't go your way. Maybe you have faced heartbreak, loss or disappointment.

I was sitting at my desk and read a quote that said "we smile at our future." 

It made me think am I smiling at my future? 

I love how God, our great Comforter, gives us this gift called hope.
Every morning the sun rises and it’s a new day, a fresh beginning. 
Maybe yesterday wasn't great but tomorrow could just be your best day yet!
Let's smile at our future, because God has gone before us and made a way for us!


Questions for today: think about or journal today's questions
- Do I smile at my future?
- What can I do to surround myself with hope?
- Do I need to put my hope in God again?

HannahSeeking Harvest