He is our resting place

There are so many things in this life that require our attention and energy. We rush from school to work always keeping one eye on the clock. We pour time and energy into strengthening relationships or encouraging our children. Some days even small chores like laundry and grocery shopping take more effort than we have to give.

All too often we find ourselves checking something on our to-do list and then just as quickly begin another task that is overdue. Whether you feel worn down and insignificant from just one day or from many weeks our God is the perfect resting place. Psalm 62:1 reminds us "my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him". Our Father knows your heart.

Seek Him out today. Spend time in His presence, and rest in His word. Rejoice, for He wants to restore your soul.


Prayer for today: God I pray that you give me energy for all tasks big and small that I encounter today.

Questions for today: 
- What is stopping me from resting in His presence?
- How can I invite God into my life each day?