Loving God first in a treat yo self society

Sometimes being a Christian is comfortable, joy-filled and fuzzy feeling. But, more often, living in a way that honors God can be hard. Sharing the gospel can be awkward and embarrassing. Putting others first is no easy task. 
Denying yourself in order to live like Jesus polarises us from the world we live in. We are called to love others first in a society that preaches self love. We are called to expect persecution in a place that tells you that pursuing happiness should be our motivation. Living for Jesus can be HARD. But it's a choice that's eternally worthwhile. 
Take comfort in this: loving others and sharing the good news of Jesus with them isn't about us, it's about glorifying God. As your sister, let me encourage you to embrace the icky awkies ostracism of being an alien in this world for his glory's sake.
(My words are fumbling, but God’s Word is sure. Be discerning and check out Philippians 3:20, Mark 12:30-31, 1 Corinthians 4:10, 2 Timothy 3:12 and Isaiah 12:4 for truth on these ideas)
Prayer for today: Good good father, 
I want to live for your glory, alone. I acknowledge that this won't always be easy, and more likely will be hard. Help me to love you first and share your word even if it makes me an outcast here. Thank you that this isn't my home, and anything awkward in this world is naught in your eternal timeline. 
In Jesus name, and for His sake, 

EmilySeeking Harvest