Laying down your requests is a good choice

Dear child,

Lay down your requests to My feet.

I can’t do anything with them if you don’t lay them down. Loosen your tight grip. I’ll hold them carefully and wholeheartedly.

Then wait.

Don’t wait with fear. Don’t wait with anger. Don’t wait with sadness. Don’t wait without expectation.

Wait with expectancy. Wait with the feeling that something good is about to happen. Because it is. I’m about to take this request and turn it into something better than you could have expected.

I don’t just say “I’ll work things together for good.” I actually do it. That’s who I am. That’s why I ask you to give it to Me because I protect you and your requests from the evil in the world. From the obstacles in the world. I’m a safe haven for your requests. They are protected and heard in My hands.

-from your Heavenly Father.


Prayer for today: God I lay down my requests before you today with an expectant heart. I can’t do these on my own, I trust that you know my story better than Me and I’m grateful that you are working my life together to be a journey that will be a life well lived. Amen

HannahSeeking Harvest