Ever felt unworthy? Read this

I spent a lot of time striving to feel worthy.

Worthy to God, worthy to people I treasured, worthy to strangers, worthy to myself and all I can say is it took a lot of effort. 

I’m not sure why I had this huge desire to feel worthy, maybe you have it also. What I started finding though was that I was constantly evaluating my life on whether who I was or what I had done was worthy enough of approval.

I knew who I was and was proud of who I was, I just tried to prove that to God and others. 

After a while though I started learning that actually I am already worthy. God has placed His stamp of approval on me and I don’t have to strive to maintain that or continue to earn that.

Worth isn’t based on anything to do with me, it is based on the person living inside of me.

It takes off the pressure to live from a place of being called worthy compared to trying to constantly earn my worth.

Harvest Seeker, you are worth it and your dreams are worthy. Let God guide you and choose to be confident in what HE SAYS about you.


Questions for today:

  • Is there any area of my life where I don’t feel worthy?

  • What is causing me to feel that way?

  • Will I choose to believe the words God says about me and my situations?


HannahSeeking Harvest