Friend, growth needs to take place in your life

Imagine this: you are at a florist shop and before you lay hundreds of flowers. Some large, some small, some magnificent and some dainty. There are so many colours, patterns and shapes that your mind can’t possibly keep track of it all. Each one is unique and each one is completely and utterly beautiful in it’s own way.

Now Imagine: you are in a forest and surrounding you are a multitude of tall and mammoth trees. They shelter the place your feet are planted with authority and strength, and the maturity they express is beyond your comprehension. 

Each and every one of these, before their beauty and grandeur was made known, had a period of growth.

What is now a stunning and delicate flower and what is now a tall and magnificent tree, all began with a seed. A seed that was planted in its position for a reason, a seed that was watered and fertilised and a seed that grew over a long period of time until it became what it is today.

Growth is just as important for the flower or the tree, because without growth these would not exist.

Therefore, the period of growth, although it took time, did not waste time, but rather utilised every moment to prepare the seed for what it would one day become. 

Your growth is just as important as your dream, and your conditioning is just as important as your performance.

Let God grow you and enjoy the season you are in today!


Prayer for Today: “Dear God, thank you for gracefully and purposefully growing and moulding me into the person you have created me to be day by day. Help me, to enjoy every season of growth you place me in and to be present and faithful to what you are doing in me right here and now. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


LauraSeeking Harvest