Got a dream and not sure if it is from God?

A big struggle we can be faced with in life is whether the dreams we have are our own thoughts and desires or God speaking to us and over us. Sometimes it can get so frustrating because we can be so passionate about the dreams we have for our life but we cannot figure out if this is what God wants for us, or if the dream is just our desires. 

The best thing you can do if you are unsure about your dreams, is ask yourself, ‘does this dream bring glory to God or myself?

If the answer is God I plead you to chase that dream with all your heart and work towards seeing it become reality.

If it is to bring glory to yourself, I encourage you to pray about it and see what God has to say, there is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself, but as followers of Christ our main goal should be to bring God glory in all areas of our life.


Question for today

-do my dreams bring glory to God?


IsaacSeeking Harvest