Your happiness is just that - yours

Your happiness should not be hindered by the words or actions of other people. It also should not be wholly dependent on someone else. It’s not worth it, trust me ― I did just that in my first relationship of almost four years.

We may have dated a long time, but I made him the biggest part of my life and that was the problem ― he came first. As lovely as that sounds, it’s not. Putting other people on a pedestal is dangerous and opens up a lot of space to get hurt. 

God needed to be first in my life and I had my priorities wrong. It is so important to not put worldly things on a pedestal. Love what is special to you, but never put it before God. 

So take it from me: your happiness is just that ― yours. Avoid letting other people completely influence how you are feeling. If you are upset, be upset. If you are feeling on top of the world, then share that positive energy with those around you. But no matter what, you should never have to justify the way you are feeling to anyone.


Prayer for today: Dear God, I pray that you help me to recognise my worth through a relationship with you, rather than worldly relationships. Amen.


JessSeeking Harvest