Ever made plans and they haven’t happened like you thought?

Is this a source or is this a resource? 

I had to ask myself this question when I lost my job. 

Oh I loved this job, it was a dream situation, and when I lost it, I had to ask that scary question- did I rely on this too much. 

With this job I had planned the rest of my budget for the year, what I was going to do and all the plans I had. But that's just it the plans "I" had.

Through different circumstances I'm beginning to learn this: my only true source is God and He provides resources around me to assist my journey. However in life I can turn these resources into my sources.

My sources that I rely on to feel content and happy and successful. 

When I then realise that a resource has become my source I have to have a heart check and remind myself of what my actual true source really is.

He is the one that provides all those feelings like joy and peace - independent of our circumstances. 

So I'm asking myself today: have I got my resources and source in the right categories? 

I don't think I'll ever have to graduate from this question


Question for today: think about or journal today’s question

-what resources in your life have you turned in to sources?


HannahSeeking Harvest