The power of HOPE

1 Peter says, “Now that Christ is in us, we have a living Hope!”

It’s not about having an earthly hope and the things that YOU WANT and the things that YOU NEED. For example having a hope that you will pass that exam, having a hope that that you will get that job, having a hope that you can still fit into that dress! 

But that is not what we are addressing here, I want to talk to you about the LIVING HOPE the POWER of GOD’S hope that will get you through any situation and get you through all the dark places that you have been in the past and are still living in today. 

Some of you are in your darkest days but you don’t have to live there because God is bigger than anything that you face! This really needs to resonate deep inside of us and become our truth. “We will never have faith without hope, as Faith is the substance of things hoped for.” Hebrews 11.1

Try to understand that God does not want to withhold anything good from you, it’s just that we have to get into our human thinking that God does not think like us, therefore His timing is also not in our timing or His methods often not what we had in mind. God is good, is still on the throne and has not forgotten about the things that you have hoped for in the “Unseen.”


Prayer for today: God give me a new insight into what hope means. Help me have a heart full of hope. Amen


CassSeeking Harvest