We are all invited to live a life connected to Jesus.

It can be so easy to aim to live for God’s glory – but then rely on our own strength to get us through.

In John 15, we read the story of where Jesus is talking to His disciples using the parable of the vine and the branches. Here He discusses the importance of remaining in Him at all times, comparing Himself to the vine – and us (His disciples) to the branches - assuring us that a branch is nothing without the vine it is attached to.

He is inviting us into a life where He is our permanent life-giving source. Jesus completely understands the pressure there can be to hustle through life relying on our human strength and will power alone, striving for success, striving for acceptance, and striving for personal glory. But He calls us to live a new life, one where He is our foundation, and His work is evident in all we do.

This encouragement from Jesus is the ultimate invitation to abide in Him, stay true to Him, and ensure that in all things, and at all times – we are connected to Him. He assures us as a result of this, that that we will bear much fruit when we live this way – showing ourselves faithful to His commands.


Question for today:

-What does remaining in God and abiding in Him look like in a busy and chaotic world??

I encourage you to begin each day connecting to God as the ultimate power source, and set time aside even when it may be inconvenient. By doing this you are showing Him that you trust Him, and therefore, God promises that everything will be given to you just as you wish

(John 15:7). I also encourage you to take time out to pray, read His word, and seek Godly counsel – God’s loves it when we live a life which honours Him.


ThomasSeeking Harvest