Dearly loved

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Am I not capable of being loved?

Maybe someone didn’t treat you as you deserved. Maybe your text inbox is empty. Maybe you’re struggling to make friends. Maybe you feel like you’re always the one who makes the effort. Or simply, maybe you feel like you’ve been single for way longer than you have hoped.

Whatever the reason behind the asking of that horrible question, feeling and living unloved because we truly believe we aren’t is one of the most terrible lies the enemy has spoken over the children of God for generations. It’s about time we put some truth to it!

You, child of the King, are fully capable of love and being loved because, your maker is the very essence of unconditional, unmerited and merciful love.

You are a catch, a masterpiece, a creation of beauty that is beyond comparison, handcrafted purposely by the God of the entire universe. You are gorgeous, smart, worthy and capable. You are talented and what you do in your everyday makes a difference because you were created for such a time as this.

You are loved because He chose you, not because of the opinions of man or the standards of society. God is the only one who has the authority and capacity to love you completely because He is the only one who can ever entirely know you inside and out.

So from now on, stop looking for love in all of the wrong places, because it is only in God where true love is found. Accept love and receive encouragement, but don’t make this your source of worth or validation, for those expressions of adoration will not fill the desire your heart has for complete and consistent love.

You are dearly loved by the God of the universe. If you struggle to believe it, look at what God did for you, despite all your mistakes and shortcomings, by sending His Son Jesus to die for you on the cross so you may be saved.

Fall into His arms today!


Song for today: I encourage you to listen to ‘Dearly Loved’ by Jimmy Needham.


LauraSeeking Harvest