Life is worth living

There are so many reasons why the life we have been given is worth putting our all into. Some reasons are complex and have to do with responsibility and accountability and other reasons are just plain embraceable like Wow did you see that sunrise or sunset or cute baby, or hear that man sing?? 

Life is full of beauty all around us and we just need to take more time in our busy lives to really behold the fact that we are on this earth at this time and what a hugh privilege and blessing it is. I am not belittling your or my problems, I want to encourage you that they will pass and that the life we have despite our good or bad circumstances is totally worth living.


Prayer for today: 

Thank you Jesus for this amazing life that I have been given, please give me wisdom to navigate my life in an excellent way. I pray that I rejoice in every day of and that I take time to see your goodness through your creation in nature and people for this life is lovely and I am blessed to be here. Amen

Seeking Harvest