4 principles Jesus passed on (Part 2)

Continuing on from the four principles learnt in the chapter of John after Jesus’s resurrection.

The Third Encounter: Abundance 

The disciples were on a boat and went fishing. They had caught nothing that night, however the next morning Jesus appeared, asked them if they have breakfast in which they replied no as they had not caught any fish. Jesus instructed them to throw a net off the side of the boat. Before they knew it they had caught 153 big fish. This little lesson shows us that when we follow Gods advice and instructions, we will receive abundance.  Even when our circumstance looks dire, and though our previous attempts may have failed, if we simply listen to God, we will be satisfied, and given more than we ever could imagine.

The Fourth Encounter: Invest 

Jesus approached Peter and asked him 3 times if he loved him, Peter replied ‘yes’ in which Jesus responded to ‘feed my lambs, shepherd his sheep and feed my sheep’. Jesus in this encounter highlights that to love God means to invest into other Christians lives. This can be done through connect groups, bible studies, church, praying together. It is so important to feed each other, not only to share our revelations with each other, but to encourage others in their walk with God.

I hope this two part series has revealed to you the importance of forgiveness, believing and investing in others, and the promise of abundance Jesus promises us.


Prayer for today:  Dear God I pray that I will continue to forgive, believe, invest in others and listen to your instructions so I may love you in all my ways and show others your love. Amen.

Song for today: ‘Anchored’ by FEARLESS BAND

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