Your heavenly language

As a follower of Christ, a gift that is offered to us is to be baptised in the holy spirit, and given the ability to speak in tongues. This is simply a language that is unique to you and God. It is for any follower of Christ, it does not matter if you have known him for 3 days, or 30 years. It is a direct channel of communication that cannot be interrupted or interfered by any external opposition. Therefore, Satan has no apparent way of intervening and stopping us when we are speaking in our heavenly language. It is so powerful he cannot even comprehend or understand it. Some reasons we would speak in our heavenly language is to edify our spirit, or build up our spirit, make us more aware of the holy spirit, also to draw ourselves closer to God’s presence.
I want to encourage you throughout your day, your week, your year, to put this into practice, allow the holy spirit to work through you. I believe if you are wanting to take a step out in faith, or take a limb and rely on God, or if you are just hungry and eager to feel the presence of God, then put into practice speaking in your heavenly language.

Prayer for today: thank you God that you loved us so much that you intended for us to receive this gift, and that it is a blessing to us. I pray that we would always use it and that the church would never let go of this gift.

IsaacSeeking Harvest