Spoiler alert: God wins

It doesn’t matter what the world calls you – because what God calls you will always win.
When the world calls you lonely, God calls you loved.
When the world calls you stupid, God says you have the mind of Christ.
When the world calls you weak, God calls you strong.
When the world calls you’ve lost it all, God says “with me you have all you need”.
When the world calls you a nobody, God calls you a somebody.
When the world says you have nothing, God has already given us everything.
God has such a mighty plan for your life, but whether or not you step into that plan - lies directly in WHAT voices you choose to listen to.

Prayer for today: “Father, I pray that whoever is reading this today is overcome with your who you say they are – despite what others may try and tell us, or what we try and tell ourselves.  I pray for an overwhelming peace that your voice is the only voice we need to listen to, regardless of where we found ourselves today.”

ThomasSeeking Harvest