God's creativity reveals His care for us

When I look at the sunrise, I am reminded of His promises
When the day ends, as I gaze upon a golden sky, I am reminded of His faithfulness.
Creation testifies to His Wonder.  It sings out His magnificence.  It heralds his majesty.
Creation embraces us in the comfort of His perfect plan and perfect love.
Each drop of rain, is like a kiss from heaven.
Each gust of wind, a caress.
The flowers reflect the care and perfection of each touch, each blend, each perfumed array.
The waters calm our soul. Wash us in His love that is everlasting.
The trees, arms outstretched, invite us to worship
To reach out arms to the One who breathes His life into us.
The birdsong, a choir of reflected awe and wonder.
The grass, a place of comfort and rest.
Each man, woman, child
Reflected image of a Father who draws us all
Into His embrace, His heart
With grace, mercy and truth.

Prayer for today: Dear Heavenly Father, may we always be aware, always be grateful, always be thankful.  May we know that we are never alone.  When we look at the gift of this earth, given to us for our pleasure, may we be reminded of the pleasure you find in each and every one of us.