Facing uncertainty with peace

He sees you and He knows every decision that you face.
Life is full of uncertainty sometimes!
Uncertainty in little things and in the big.
Our views on decision and circumstance are constrained yet God’s view is eternal and He promises to not let our feet slip.

We are so blessed to serve a God who not only works all things together for good but He gives us a Peace that through His presence helps us to face uncertainty.
In exchange for this gift is a condition of trust. We must trust and lean and depend on Him- and don't worry that isn't a burden! In fact it's a gift knowing that we have someone that will bring good out of everything.

So I encourage you, if you are facing any uncertainty in life at the moment; God just wants you to keep trusting Him and seeking His presence that comes with a gift of peace.

Question for today:
-Am I trusting in God?

HannahSeeking Harvest