4 principles Jesus passed on (Part 1)

The chapter of John gives us four key principles which Jesus passed onto his disciples right after his resurrection from the cross. It is important to note before we delve into the four points, that these are only some of the very many things that Jesus said/did after his resurrection, but as John stated in verse 21:25 that ‘if they were all written down, each of them, one by one, I can’t imagine a world big enough to hold such a library of books’. 

The First Encounter: Forgiveness

The first command which Jesus gave his disciples (and us) after his resurrection was regarding the forgiveness of other peoples sins. Jesus confirms that ‘if you forgive someones sins, they’re gone for good’. This emphasises the fact that once we sin and ask for repentance, we are wiped clean, Jesus does not remember them nor does he hold on to them or use it against us in the future. However, as humans we may still hold on to other peoples sins (either against us or in general) which may alter the way we view them and invest in their life. Jesus in this encounter is showing us that we are not to hold onto them because by holding onto them, we don’t move forward, we don’t let go. Letting go is exactly what God wants us to do. To clarify, we should forgive others sins against us whether or not we know for sure that they have repented as we do not have power to judge others for sins, it is our role to encourage and love others, not to judge them. 

The Second Encounter: Believing

Second meeting with the disciples - he targets those who do not believe - 

This encounter was between Thomas and Jesus. Thomas showed a reluctance to believe that Jesus had resurrected, taking the view that he will not believe until he has seen Jesus. This shows a very prominent attitude within society nowadays, as many people refuse to believe in Jesus/God until they actually see him. In the encounter with Thomas, Jesus shows him his scars form the cross and Thomas then becomes to believe in him. This shows us that Jesus/God wants us to believe in him and will give us chances to see his existence (through signs and it could even be through people). It is up to us to grasp them and believe them. Jesus also encourages us that those who believe without seeing (this is us!) have better blessings in store for our lives. (how exciting is this!)


Prayer for today: Dear God, I pray that I will continue to forgive others so that I may move forward with my walk with you and I thank you that you reveal yourself to everyone in your own way, I pray that they will believe in you and that my faith in you will strengthen.

Song for today: ‘Satisfied in You' (Psalm 42) by The Sing Team

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