What are you thinking?

Something that I think is very important in life is making sure we are declaring positive, good, Godly things over our lives each day. For me I like to do this in the morning so that I can set myself up for a win that day. I like to read my bible in the morning but being the not morning person I am that can sometimes be a struggle. I find that singing and or praying can be a great alternative or addition. It’s something that you can do as you get ready to go to school, uni or work. Or as you’re walking or driving somewhere.

For myself, I have started my day by declaring that same song over my life each morning as I walk to school so that I can prepare myself for every trial and tribulation that may come my way during the day. The song that I have been singing over my life for the last few weeks in ‘Not Today’ by Hillsong United. This song has strong statements about letting the devil know that he has no authority over my life and gives Jesus all authority.

I encourage you that as you go into your weeks to come and the month of September, that you will begin to declare positive, good, Godly things over your life. As you begin to do this it will help create such a healthy outlook on life. Whether it’s a song you sing over your life or a prayer you recite, begin to declare God’s word over your life.


Prayer for today: God I give you today and ask have your way. I commit everything I do to the glory of your kingdom. Although I know I’m not perfect, I know that your perfect love lives in me. In you I know I can do anything. I pray that I have a good day and that I will live like Jesus did. I love you God, thank you for being my father and choosing me. In your name I pray amen.

Song for today: 'Not today' by Hillsong United.

MaddieSeeking Harvest