Drawing near to God is always the best option

In moments of loss, confusion or rejection questions like, "Why is this happening?" Or "What do I do next?" can arise.
We aren't freed from those questions.

However, because we have God as our Father it is essential that instead of drifting away from Him or finding something to blame, that we draw near to Him.

As we draw near we are intentional about seeking His perspective and trusting Him and that is the best decision we can make.

He is faithful and as we draw near to Him, He promises that He will draw even nearer to us.

"draw near to God and He will draw near to you"

  • James 4:8

Act -

Prayer for today: God I thank-you for who you are. God I come to you where I am at. Thank-you that you understand me and my situations. Please bring me clarity and assurance for my season. Draw near to me today and show me how to draw even closer to you. Amen

HannahSeeking Harvest