A daily prayer for you to pray

Prayer is so powerful and it draws us so near to God. I went through a season where I didn't know what to pray... so I scribbled down a prayer and little did I know that it would be a prayer that I would say each morning.

I have made a few changes to it along the way and I pray that it will be able to be a good resource for you too!

Sometimes I would pray it with absolute confidence, other times my voice would be a little shaky, other times I was just saying it in faith:


Dear God,

Thank-you for this day. Thank-you for making me, chasing me and taking me into your incredible love story.

I pray I would be sensitive to your voice. I pray you show me where you are leading so that I may follow you.

Guide my words, guard my thoughts and let my actions be created to bring glory to you.

I love that you are a faithful God, I love that you are a God of more than enough, I love that you are my biggest cheerleader.

I pray you bless my friends and family today.

Take from me what hinders my relationship with you and let me never lose my thankfulness for what I do have.

Let me handle my weakness properly.

Let me handle my relationships well.

Let me handle my commitments with ease.

Thank-you for being my friend, my comforter, my mentor, my helper, my guider, my protector, my strength, my support and my rock.

In Jesus name,


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