We can’t reap if we haven’t first sowed

Matthew 13 and the harvest story is our heartbeat. It's how our name came about and it's where our vision lies.

We are all on a journey to our wildest dreams but can we remind you today that we all need to be a farmer.

It's when we plant our seeds that God can then use to reap our harvest.

Maybe it's sowing that seed of love when someone is rejecting you.

Maybe it's spending that 5 minutes with your child listening about their day.

Maybe it's doing the homework your teacher gives.

Maybe it's standing on the door serving at church.

Maybe it's replying to those emails with care and effort.

We all have dreams but we must honour the Dream Giver in scattering the seeds He has given us to plant .

Fun thought: imagine if we always treated our seeds as if they were our wildest dreams.

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Question for today: think about or journal today's question

  • What seeds can I sow today?

HannahSeeking Harvest