Trusting at all times

In everything that you do, keep your sight on God. When the storm rages the walls down around you, keep your trust in him. For he is our protector and he will rebuild us piece by piece. He is a shield unto us and also a place of rest. Even during the most harsh winters, lift up a warm sound of praise to Him, as he will always be there by your side.

My encouragement to YOU is to keep your trust in the Lord. It can be so difficult to do so when life gets hard and terrible things seem like they keep happening. But the truth is that our trust in God sets us a part from the difficult times, and gives us the hope and courage to withstand the opposed difficulties. So I encourage you never to lose trust in Him, and he will set you a part from the wreckage and lead you into hopefulness and prosperity.

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Questions for today:

  • What keeps you from keeping your sight on God?

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