Attitude and perspective

I remember seeing a regular customer come in at work one day and as he walked up to the counter to pay I smiled and asked, “hey, how are you?” With a smile almost too big for a Monday, he said, “I’m cool thanks, Jessica”.

The same man came in a few days later and I recognized him straight away. I asked, “how are you?” and again his response was, “I’m cool, thank you.” However, this time I began a conversation and asked him how his day had been. As he handed over his money he said, “my day has been really good thanks." After a short pause, he looked at me and added, "but any day is a good day if you look at it that way!"

Attitude and perspective ― got to love it right? It's something so simple, but it's so often forgotten. Each time I saw him, he naturally radiated positive energy. That’s the kind of person I strive to be. This man not only made my day, but he encouraged me to not let the events of my day dictate the way I feel.

We may not have the power to choose the situations we encounter, but we have the power to choose the way we react. If you wake up in a bad mood adamant that the toast you burnt is a sign of a bad day ahead, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Don’t let difficult things you experience today reflect how you feel.

Try your best to look at the positive things, despite how hard it can get. The Bible reminds us in Romans 12:12 to "be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" (NIV), asking us to be "cheerfully expectant [and to not] quit in hard times [but] pray all the harder" (MSG).

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Prayer for today: Dear God, help me to see the positive in every situation. Amen.

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