Expect God’s favour to flow

One of my favourite prayers which I have learnt to pray confidently is to ask my loving Heavenly Father to flow His favour over me. When I am feeling afraid, or unworthy, or stressed, or uncertain of the future, I ask for God to flow His loving and blessed favour over me.

In Psalm 112:6-8 it says that those who are righteous...do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly.

In the midst of our fears, it is wonderful to be reminded that we don’t need to fear bad news, that we can trust our Heavenly Father to care for us, and we can be confident and fearless in our daily lives.

We can start each day keeping our thoughts positive, filled with joy, hope, an anticipation of God’s favour flowing over us. We can know that God’s wisdom, favour and provision will surround us through our day.

Don’t let negative thoughts flow through you. God calls us not to fear, but to confidently trust in Him!


Questions for today: Find some time in your day today to journal the following questions:

  • Am I allowing fear to spoil the future which hasn’t happened yet?

  • Am I allowing my thoughts to be negative instead of trusting in God’s love and favour over me?

  • Will I choose today to set my heart and mind back on things above and trust in God’s daily care over me as His child?

SteveSeeking Harvest