We believe God has more for you, more than you can even imagine. We exist to come alongside you as you pursue the more He has ahead!


Our Story

It all started on Instagram…

We connected toward the end of 2017 after following each other for a while and Hannah applied to do some coaching with Abigail. After that we stayed in contact with each other, while God was working behind the scenes for both of us and stirring up a dream in our hearts.

We both had a dream of launching a group coaching program… and neither of us knew we both felt this way.

In the middle of 2018, we connected again and approached each other about possibly launching something together.

Within a month and a bit we created, marketed and sold out of our first group coaching program and finished 2018 with a beautiful group of women to coach and have community with.

We are now so excited to see where God will continue to take Awaken Your More… and we hope we get to meet in person one day!

Our Values 



We believe that the plan God has for you is worth chasing after, despite the hurdles along the way.



There is a place in this world that needs filling and only you can fill it. You are filled with purpose.



We believe that, while we can’t live your life for you, we don’t want you to have to live it alone.


Behind Awaken Your More


Abigail Folds

Hey hey! I’m a life coach from North Carolina in the USA. I work one-on-one with Christians who want to become more of the amazing person God created them to be, and now I’m absolutely thrilled to be mentoring groups through Awaken Your More. I’m so passionate about helping others find the purpose and calling God has for them in their current season and seasons to come. So excited you are here and cannot wait to connect with you! Get to know me via my website or my Instagram.


Hannah Murphy

Hey there! I live in Brisbane, Australia. I currently study primary teaching at university while owning and working in my virtual assistant business. I adore everything about Awaken Your More and I am so excited you are here. I moved around a lot as a kid - literally 8 times by the times I was 8! What that taught me (although I’m not perfect at it still) was to learn how to embrace where I was and grab hold of what God needed me to do in that season. I’m passionate about helping others do that also.